6 Mindful Tips For Any Busy Mom

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mindful tips for any busy mom

6 Mindful Tips For Any Busy Mom

Parenting is the most difficult job in the world, and yet it is incredibly rewarding. And, because of the fact that mothers are so busy trying to keep their homes clean, making sure that their bills are on time, running errands daily, while they are raising kids. That part is the most difficult part, and SAHMs, WAHMs, and working moms are incredibly stressed because they are literally juggling everything.

Moms that are incredibly stressed often find themselves worrying about the future, they end up eating unhealthy and fast food daily and tend to neglect their own wants and needs. And, if any mom is constantly taking care of everything else, while she puts her needs on the back burner, she will become burned out. That is the last thing you would want to see happen. You need to be there to take care of your home and family, and the only way to maintain a good balance is to practice mindfulness.

What Is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is about being in the present, and being in control of your emotions, stress levels, and just helps calm the busy mind. Practicing mindfulness consistently has a positive impact on your emotional, mental, and physical health. And, practicing mindfulness does not mean you have to meditate in silence for an hour each day.

There are other ways to practice mindfulness and let’s go over 6 of them right here.

1. Stick To A Routine And Set A Schedule

This one is extremely important. Because sticking to a routine will eliminate stress. For instance, whether you are a SAHM or a mom that works outside of the home, it is always the best idea to do your grocery shopping for the week each weekend, And then, you will want to cook up dinners for each night for the upcoming week. After it is cooked up, then you will pre-portion it and freeze those dinners.

Stick to a schedule
6 mindful tips for any busy mom

This way, if you can stick to a routine to do your grocery shopping on weekends you can tackle other things during the week, that alone will help you feel less stressed so you can stay in the moment. That said, you will want to create a weekly schedule each weekend so you only stick to what you need to do each day. Don’t alter your schedule either unless there is an unexpected emergency. Stick to the schedule and to your routine.

2. Start Journaling

Busy moms are going to be understandably stressed all of the time with thousands of thoughts swirling around their minds. The best thing to do is to take out a journal and start jotting down everything you feel. And, be honest. Remember, you are the only one who can see it! That is unless you want to journal by blogging, which means you will need to censor some of what you put out there. However, once you purge your feelings by journaling, you will feel so believed, and a lot calmer.

start Journaling
6 mindful tips for any busy mom

3. Always Pay Attention To Your Thoughts

If you find yourself judging other moms without knowing their story, or if you are being overly critical with yourself, you need to pause once you have the thought. The more you do this, you will catch yourself with having those thoughts. And then, start thinking about something more productive and, think about how you can nurture yourself.

Pay attention to my thoughts
6 mindful tips for any busy mom

4. Allow Yourself To Have ME Time Each Day

Busy moms are so concerned about meeting everyone else’s needs that they often forget their own. When you set your schedule for the week, be sure to schedule an hour or even a half hour a day to spend time on your own – without any distractions!

Me time
6 mindful tips for any busy mom

If you want to go out and take a walk to spend time with nature, or you want to square away time to take a bath or read a good book, meditate, or take a class- you can do anything of that. If you take care of your own needs, you will have an easier time taking care of your family’s needs. Additionally, you will have an easier time staying in the moment. That also includes going back to your old hobbies before you became a mom.

5. Eat Healthy Foods, Limit Junk Food, And Exercise

One thing that will help you stay in the moment is by eating nutritious foods that will not only have a positive effect on your overall health, but you will have an easier time staying in the moment. In fact, you will want to have some brain foods in there such as salmon, eggs, and avocados. They contain healthy fats that are excellent for your brain and hormonal levels. That alone will keep you calmer.

6 mindful tips for any busy mom

In addition to eating healthy foods, you need to spend time exercising such as taking a half hour for 5 days a week to take a brisk walk whether it is outdoors or on the treadmill. Exercise releases endorphins which raises your serotonin levels, which are referred to as the happy chemicals. That said, you will be happier, more at peace, and will have an easier time staying in the moment.

6. Spend Time With Your Kids

You need to take advantage of that ME time, and you also need to square away time to spend with your kids. They need you to spend time with them so you can bond. And, after utilizing the steps mentioned above, you will not mind having to get on the floor to play with them either.

Spend time with children
6 mindful tips for any busy mom

Wrap Up

That said, being a busy mom is a tough job because there is so much to juggle whether you are working or not. And, if you utilize these 6 tips above, then you will have a much better time staying in the moment and being mindful!

6 Mindful tips for any busy mom
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